Amaco – Madeiran Association for Marine Conservation

M3C (Mapping Rhodolith Beds in Madeira)

M3C Project Goals

• Mapping of the rhodolith (maërl) beds  in Madeira archipelago
• Biodiversity evaluation
• Blue Carbon assessment

About us

We are AMACO (Associação Madeirense para a Conservação Marinha/Madeiran Association for Marine Conservation) a NGO devoted to the acquisition of scientific knowledge on the marine ecosystems of Madeira archipelago and raising public awareness on the threats and pressures that these ecosystems face.

Acting at a regional level, AMACO’s members are scientists and/or concerned citizens that possess a solid background on the particularities of the island’s biological communities and habitats, as well as the social issues that Outermost Regions face.


Our Location

AMACO is located at the Marine Biology Station at Funchal

Promenade da Orla Marinha do Funchal, Cais do Carvão
Funchal, 9000-107 Portugal